Ferrari 250 gt california

Like the 2GT Berlinetta SWB . Tee valitus toisesta kuvasta. Chris Evans paid a record £5. One of rare classics that were sold at auction after being found in a barn last year, this California Spider was once owned by French actor Alain Delon, who was photographed in it with Jane Fonda and Shirley MacLaine.

V-engine, three Weber carburetors, four-speed gearbox, independent front suspension via A-arms, coil springs, and telescopic shock absorbers, live rear axle with semi-elliptical springs and telescopic shock absorbers, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. John Von Neumann, the west coast representative, thought that there was potential for an open Spider suited to the Californian sun, a sort of open 2GT Berlinetta.

Then Hughes spied a Modena Spyder California. Check out this profile and pictures of the 2GT Spyder California. Actor James Coburn owned this particular Spyder for more than years. How much would you pay for the car of your dreams?

Here is the answer to episode of What Car Am I Talking About? Specifically, the SWB version. В ассортименте представлены детали для тюнинга автомобилей.

Картинку тюнинга Феррари 2ГТ можно показать друзьям.

Pont n° 383F – Certainement le plus beau cabriolet de la deuxième moitié du XXème siècle – Une des California Spider SWB phares carénés construite – Entièrement . По мнению экспертов, стоимость эксклюзивного Феррари составит 5-миллионов долларов. Особенность выставляемого экземпляра – короткая база шасси. Всего было выпущено автомобилей в . И для работ над California Spider был выбран Скальетти (Scaglietti). Что касается двигателей, то помимо . Читайте на мужском портале Stone Forest.

While the 2GT was primarily a sports racing car, it did spawn a line of desirable roadgoing models, too. Typically they combine exceptionally good looks with equally exceptional performance for their perio cars that look fast, desirable and competent. The 250GT California Spyder is . This particular car was one of only nine of its type, with an alloy-bodied long- wheelbase. Cars like this were created with eye more toward race victories . В то время как 2GTO является еще более редким, чем зубы курицы. Best bit: Seeing the 250GT flying over the camera to the theme from Star Wars, piloted by two car . Гарантия лучшей цены на детский транспорт.

SWB California Spyder от Scaglietti такой элегантный и классически правильный, каким может быть . Возможна покупка в кредит. Engine, dimensions and mechanical details.