Select brilliant super size 4

On the inside of the bladder . Latex is a natural material with open micro pores which enables air to leak over time. FIFA standards for a quality soccer ball allow for this. It is machine stitched and includes a butyl bladder for optimal air retention.

THE pro series – Brillant super.

This range of footballs is used for football matches played at top professional level. Katso kaikki kuvat ( ). Halvin hinta ilman toimituskuluja. The panels are thermo . Shop with confidence on eBay! BLADDER: Butyl for great air retention.

Note: All of our balls are shipped deflated. This helps in keeping our shipping costs low, savings that we can pass on to you.

Brillant Super is only available in size with three colors ( orange, white and yellow). It comes with a 3-years guarantee to avoid any anxiety. Delivery: -working days in EU.

Colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions. Raise the level of play with this . Strong on grass as well as turf and for all kinds of weather conditions. For true flight, perfect balance and for the soft yet firm touch that lets you develop your skills to perfection. Select FIFA Brilliant Super Soccer Ball. Additional, more stringent, standards are specified by FIFA and subordinate governing bodies for the balls used in the competitions they . Six size soccer balls, sack pack and a ball pump provide everything you need to hit the soccer pitch.

SELECT – a loose natural latex. As reference the ball was a size which is suitable for. It also has very few internal layers and the manufacturer has added an extra layer of stronger and better PU. An exclusive, textured surface for high friction and astable flight.

Approval: FIFA APPROVED ( SIZE 5) . Stworzona z kilku warst materiału dzięki czemu piłka oferuje doskonałą wytrzymałość. Piłka zszyta jest z łat.

Przeznaczona do użytku na hali. Specjalistyczna piłka z tak zwanym niskim kozłem. Special developed Teijin microfiber. At this price, buy today!

Оплата после доставки и осмотра товара. High quality glossy, Super B- size (13×19) sheets. Call branch to verify availability.