Ferrari laferrari

Auto on Ferrarin ensimmäinen hybridi, ja siinä on litran V12-moottori sekä 1kilowatin sähkömoottori. Ferrarin tarkoituksena oli alun perin valmistaa 2avonaista LaFerraria. Niistä kaksisataa tehtiin asiakkaille ja yhdeksän jätettiin omaan käyttöön lehdistöautoiksi ja muuhun vastaavaan. Tänä vuonna päätettiin kuitenkin tehdä vielä 210.

Voimanlähteenä on 3-litraisen vapaasti hengittävän V12-moottorin ja sähkömoottorin yhdistelmä.

Yhdessä ne kehittävät yli seitsemänsataa kilowattia. LaFerrari Aperta, jolla kerättiin rahaa hyvään tarkoitukseen. Top Gear reviews the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Is this the best Ferrari ever made? Steve Sutcliffe straps in to see. With 5units this Vengine car is a must have car for every car enthusiast.

If you take a look from the side, the car has a sharp, downward- sloping nose and a very low bonnet.

With that, the La Ferrari reminds to the glorious forms of the . Conveniently compare local dealer pricing on Ferrari LaFerraris. Vgasoline engine and a 1kW electric motor that combine to produce the equivalent of 9raging horsepower. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? Noted American Ferrari collector David Lee?

Autogespot – Ferrari LaFerrari. We list the top stories for each model . While the car was in development, it became apparent that consumers were not only interested in world-beating performance and cutting-edge technology, but also making a concerted . Proceeds from the sale of the 210th . While production of the McLaren Pand Porsche 9Spyder wrapped up some time ago, Ferrari brought its high-performance hybrid back for an encore. Only 4LaFerraris will ever exist. Let me spell that out more clearly: . Michael Fux has a thing for unique hybrids.

The new Ferrari FXX-K Evo is a race-ready thing of beauty . Presumably, Ferrari will make no more after this one.

You know a car is important when the company that builds it decides to hand-pick its buyers. I had to hurry to see if for myself. Instea I wanted a closer look at the wheels.

A friend had tipped me off that they were worth a glance specifically because something seemed hilariously . Working steering wheel, Hands of the character on the steering wheel Operating wiper Enhanced reflection in the mirrors Setting cars close to the original Alloy wheels Ferrari (new wheels pack) Replaces Roller (Made Man pack) Original . The Gatsby Exotics Collection. Bianco Fuji with contrasting Rosso interior. L hybrid drive V-engine. F1-inspired HY-KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Factory-rated for 9horsepower.