Timber frame

Kotimaiset passiivihirsitalot ja laadukkaat kotimaiset hirsitalot, hirsimökit ja hirsihuvilat. Passiivihirsitaloratkaisut vapaa-ajan asumiseen ja omakotitaloihin. Siirry kohtaan Cruck frame – A cruck is a pair of crooked or curved timbers which form a bent (U.S.) or crossframe (UK), the individual timbers are each called a blade. More than 0cruck frame buildings have been recorded in the UK.

Pre-cut, test fitted timber frame packages from West Coast Douglas Fir and Cedar – shipped anywhere. Blending old world workmanship with the latest technologies, we design and supply pre-cut, test-fitted timber frame and glulam structures from West Coast Douglas fir and Cedar. Olemme toimittaneet yksilöllisiä hirsitalopaketteja pääosin vientiin jo vuoden ajan. Whatever the project you have in mind we will be happy to support and guide you through the process.

You really want to work with people that you trust, and Steve Arthur and the Streamline team were just the right fit for us. His knowledge and passion for timber framing is remarkable, and was critical to the success of our . The highly skilled staff will make the most of your post and . Home Package Specifications. Linwood offers a series of interesting timber frame and log home design ideas that can be fully . We offer a nationwide timber frame manufacturing service whether your project is a single house or a site containing multiple units. Daizen Joinery is a specialty timber frame operation that carefully balances precision technology and superior hand craftsmanship to deliver the finest quality timber frame construction in Western Canada. Our advanced systems are accurate and efficient an for more detailed projects, our skilled woodworkers add unique . Timber Frame Manufacturers.

Two sides of the pavilion are outfitted . We specialise in off-site contstruction of timber frames for a number of commercial sectors, working closely with architects, surveyors and design teams to deliver market-leading build systems that are precision-engineered. The wide open spaces of the “Show Me” state are the gateway to the Great Plains and to your dream timber frame home. Our designers have over years experience in the timber engineering industry and have the . Various ways can be used for building timber frame homes – most common are prefab homes and modular homes.

The construction vernacular allows designers the ability to explore a range of detail, from very rustic to more clean lined and contemporary. Please click an image below . Our design team can create nearly any style, shape, or size custom timber frame structure. From traditional to contemporary, using Universal Design principles, superb energy efficiency, and low maintenance building components. Our priority is to produce a structure and floor plan that meet your needs now and in the future. Specializing in the recovery, restoration, and repurposing of antique.

We build the majority of our timber frames in the Midwest, however we have erected our timber frames all over the US. Click on any of the timber frame building images below to view images, floor plans and descriptions of timber frame construction ideas and projects.