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Definition of zenith – the time at which something is most powerful or successful, the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer. Zenith definition , the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer. Above means in the vertical direction opposite to the apparent gravitational force at that location.

English dictionary definition of zenith. The opposite direction, i.

Zenith means the high point––it comes from astronomy, where it describes the highest point in an arc traveled by a star or a planet or another celestial body. Definition : Zenith is the imaginary point that is directly above a particular location on the celestial sphere. It is vertically opposite to the apparent gravitational force i. It is the highest point on the sphere and thus, the farthest up from the gravitational force. Define zenith (noun) and get synonyms.

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This man has reached the zenith of this mountain. Licensed from iStockPhoto. An example of a zenith is the highest point in the sky.

Diagram showing the relationship between the zenith , the nadir, and different types of horizon. Note that the zenith is opposite the nadir. Synonyms for zenith at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Old French cenith (Modern French zénith ), from… See more definitions.

Video shows what zenith means. Meaning and Definition of zenith. Zenith , point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer on the Earth. Winning the tender for the reconstruction of Taj Mahal was the zenith of her career. Zenith meaning :That point in the visible celestial hemisphere which is vertical to the observer;culminating point.

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Definition: A zenith is the point directly above the observer, for example, a person or an object transmitting data. All SSC BSL Glossary videos are Intellectual property of University of Edinburgh and cannot be used . In astronomy, the point on the celestial sphere directly above an observer. Questions or issues with the site?

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