Select brillant super 4

FIFA Approved ja Suomen Jalkapalloliiton hyväksymä virallinen ottelupallo. Yksiosainen sisäkumi Zero-Wing takaa hyvän pelattavuuden ja pallo säilyttää muotonsa ottelusta toiseen. Double-Lock venttiili varmistaa ilman pysyminen pallon sisällä. This range of footballs is used for football matches played at top professional level. Brillant Super on myös Suomen . A new superior football made of carefully selected high quality materials with the characteristics of a classic SELECT ball.

The panels are thermo . Vertaa hintoja ja tilaa heti. Kaapista löytyy Addun MM-pallo, Naisten -EM-kisapallo, selectiä sekä muutama tusinapallo. Saamastaan palautteesta huolimatta . On the inside of the bladder . This football can be used on natural grass and artificial grass.

Latex is a natural material with open micro pores which enables air to leak over time. FIFA standards for a quality soccer ball allow for this. It is machine stitched and includes a butyl bladder for optimal air retention. Premium match ball that has been used by some of the best in the world. In the world of top-tier match balls, it comes as very little surprise that Nike and adidas usually find themselves ruling the roost.

Already in use as the official ball of the Danish league and national team, SELECT have been gaining plenty of momentum in recent times and this ball optimizes the rise of . It comes with a Special developed Teijin microfiber . Ilmainen toimitus yli 50€ tilauksille, sekä 1päivän vaihto- ja palautusoikeus. Footballs used to be made entirely out of leather and were as heavy as one could imagine. Thanks to brands such as SELECT the trend is reversing and there are next to none . Shop with confidence on eBay! Mange eksperter vurderer endda denne fodbold til at være en af verdens bedste, og du vil helt sikkert mærke hvorfor, når du planter dit første spark med vristen god. Special developed Teijin microfiber synthetic leather combined with an optimized 3-layer underlining and a patented Zero-Wing bladder give the ball an improved and more lively bounce – and an even lighter and softer touch than before.

An exclusive, textured surface for high friction and a stable flight. Med Prisjakt Ekspert kan du søke etter produkter vi ikke har indeksert, som for eksempel prosjektorlamper og batterier. It is manufactured with a newly developed PVC- composite which improves the softness, bounce and durability.

Be the first to review this product. This item is not eligible for discounts. Please call for ordering assistance. Meet the premium-quality ball by Select that guarantees you will enjoy the game every time. It also has very few internal layers and the manufacturer has added an extra layer of stronger and better PU.

Select har derfor valgt å lage ballene uten logo og dermed sørge for at du får mer fotball for pengene. A ball pump is required to inflate the ball before use. Nový barevný design, který zlepšuje viditelnost míče ve vzduchu.

Osvědčená konstrukce Select z dvaatřiceti panelů s unikátní třívrstvou podšívkou pro lepší odskok, lehčí a měkčí pocit než dříve.