Hilti hit hy 200 käyttöohje

Ankkurointisyvyysalue: 60. Noudata annostelijan käyttöohjeita. Tarkista kasetin toimivuus. Käännä kasetti pakkaus sisällä annostelijaan.

Laaja valikoima kemiallisia ankkurikiinnikkeitä – injektiomassamme on tarkoitettu myös harjateräksiin ja niitä voidaan käyttää betonissa ja muurauksessa. HIT-RE-M pakkaukseen ( tiukka kiristys).

Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data. Mean ultimate resistance, characteristic resistance, design resistance, recommended loads. A and R) versions available with different curing times and same performance. As it is our ambition to be the worldwide leader in fastening technology, we are continously striving to provide you with state-of-the-art technical information reflecting the latest developments in codes, regulations and approvals and technical information for our products.

Basic loading data (for a single anchor). All data in this section applies to. For details see Simplified design method. Correct setting (See setting instruction). Shop with confidence on eBay!

Anclaje de tensión HZA,Anclajes ligados controlados por torque HIT-Z,Insertos con rosca interna HIS-. N,Varilla de refuerzo,Varillas roscadas HAS,Varillas. Product is ICC-ES approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete applications. Contractors experience less down time, as the flexibility of the product allows for installation in both wet and dry conditions, . Now you can design anchor rod and post-installed rebar connections with more productivity and reliability.

System is out of this world. Technology eliminates the most. SAFEset technology: drilling and installing the HIT-Z rod without. New TE-CD and TE-YD Hollow Drill Bits used in . High loading capacity, excellent handling and fast curing.

Small edge distance and anchor spacing possible. Hilti HIT – HY 2with HIT-V. No edge distance and spacing influence. One typical embedment depth, . Base material thickness, as specified in the table. HY 200-R version is formulated for best handling and cure time specifically for rebar applications.

Базовая нагрузка (для одиночно установленного анкера). Suitable for concrete C . Все данные этого раздела указаны для случая, когда.

Анкер установлен корректно (см. инструкцию по установке). Отсутствие влияние межосевых расстояний и расстояний до кромки. Un pequeño paso para los contratistas. Un gran salto para tu siguiente obra.

Ahora puedes colocar anclajes y conexiones post-instaladas con mayor confianza. La limpieza inadecuada de las perforaciones durante la instalación puede reducir significativamente el desempeño de los . Ultimate-performance hybrid mortar HIT – HY 2-R. Economic hybrid mortar for concrete and masonry HIT-MM PLUS.

Cordless electric dispenser HDE 500-A22. Clean-Tec injectable mortar HIT-CT 1.